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  • The desire to grow with an industry leader!


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On of the best things about working with Progress Residential is a steady source of jobs. Our team of independent contractors know they can count on us to deliver consistent opportunities for work.

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Not only does Progress Residential offer a steady source of job opportunities, but you don’t have to bid for them. Just sign up with Progress and accept the jobs that you want. By working with us, you maintain the flexibility and freedom you enjoy as an independent contractor without having to bid or compete for jobs.



We own and manage most of our homes. . .so, there’s no “checking with the owner” or no wasted time.

You’re Here for a Reason . . .

. . . Grow your business

. . . More sales + higher margins

. . . Expand into new markets

. . . Have an impact + Leave a legacy

And Progress Residential may be able to help with all of this!!

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“As an owner of Lotus Restoration Services, working with Progress has been a positive experience for me and my business. Their Maintenance Managers and Service Technicians are knowledgeable and understand the necessity to make corrective repairs in a timely manner to better serve their residents. We work with several Property Management companies and I personally feel that Progress works especially had to minimize the inconvenience of having a maintenance repair within the home for their residents.”

- Jill Herndon, Lotus Restoration Services

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“Surface Xchange (SXPR) has been doing business with Progress Residential for nearly a decade. They are easily our number one client for several reasons: They work with us on scheduling contracts and changes, their system is streamlined and organized, they pay invoices consistently, pricing is fair, and the work is abundant. I can’t say enough about the Progress team and organization. We thoroughly enjoy doing business with them!“

- Justin French, Surface Xchange (SXPR)

Give us a try, we know you’ll like working with us!

Consistent and reliable job opportunities without the bidding or sales process, flexibility to accept jobs that fit into your schedule, and competitive compensation – what more could you ask for?

We’re expanding operations in many areas!

If you’re interested in working with us, please email us below.