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If this request is an emergency please immediately contact our local office by phone.

By clicking "Submit", I affirm that:

(i) To my best knowledge, no one in my home is infected with COVID-19/coronavirus or has been in personal contact with a person who is infected with COVID-19/coronavirus - If you potentially have COVID-19, or have been exposed to COVID-19, submit your service request by calling us at 833.PRG.RESS (833.774.7377). Please let our team know about your current health status when placing your service request.

(ii) No one in my home has flu-like symptoms or respiratory difficulty, or recently travelled to a COVID-19/coronavirus high risk area, whether domestically or internationally; and

(iii) Since a person infected with COVID-19/coronavirus may not show symptoms, there is no assurance that any service personnel or vendor servicing my home is not infected, and my family/roommates and I understand and assume this risk and release Progress Residential and its vendors and affiliates from any claim or liability relating to this service call and COVID-19/coronavirus.

Please make sure the phone number and address matches the information linked to your account.

If you’re experiencing an issue with this form, please let us know by chatting with us during business hours or contacting us by email. If you’re experiencing a maintenance emergency, please call us immediately at 833.PRG.RESS (833.774.7377). Please note: While we’re happy to take care of any maintenance requests, if the maintenance is for something that falls under your responsibility, a minimum service fee of $105 will apply. For more information on emergency maintenance issues and what maintenance items you’re responsible for, please click here