Moving Out of a Progress Home

We don't like saying goodbye, but if it’s time for you to move on, here’s what you need to know to have as easy of a transition as possible. 

Move out Process and Timeline


As you prepare to move out of the home, please be sure to follow these steps.


1. Complete the Notice to Vacate form 60-days in advance

Completing the Notice to Vacate form is the first step to moving out of your Progress Residential home. Generally, our leases require a 60-day advance notice or as otherwise defined in your lease. Please check your lease for your exact notice requirements. Security deposit refunds are sent by mail, so please be sure you provide your new address on the form to avoid any delays in delivering the check to you.


2. Pay the Last Month’s Rent, Utilities, and Fees

Please make your rent payment as usual for the last month of your Lease Agreement. Once you vacate the property and your final invoice is prepared, we’ll pro-rate your final statement to only account for your days in occupancy.

Please remember, your security deposit is NOT your last month’s rent payment. Please pay all utilities and fees (early termination, administrative, etc. where applicable) prior to moving out. If your home is being serviced by Conservice, your estimated utility charges through the end of your Lease will be applied to your ledger. Please note: Conservice estimates the charges through your move out date based on prior usage. If your actual usage turns out to be lower, you’ll be credited on your final statement. If your actual usage is higher, the amount due will be added to your move-out charges on your ledger.


3. Schedule the cancellation of your cable and internet service

Please be sure to cancel or transfer your internet and/or cable service when you move out of the home. Some internet and tv providers will not let a new resident set up service if your service is still active.


4. Leave of the home no later than your move-out date

When you leave the home, place all miscellaneous keys (except the house key), amenity keys, key fobs, access cards, garage door remotes, and cleaning receipts on the kitchen counter. To help track. We created a checklist for you to use as you move out of the home. You can download this helpful checklist here.

Place your key(s) in the LOCKBOX that is mounted on your home. If a permanent lockbox is not mounted to the side of your home, please submit a service request to have one installed, prior to move out.

The lockbox combination should have been shared with you when you received the PMOW email. This number is typically the last four (4) numbers of the Primary Resident ID and can be found in the Resident Resources section of

PLEASE DO NOT LOCK THE KEYS IN THE HOME. If this happens, we’ll need to have a locksmith rekey the home and the cost will be added to your account.


5. Move-out Inspection

Once you’ve moved out of the home, one of our team members will inspect the home and begin preparing it for the next resident. During the inspection, we’ll compare the current condition of the home to it’s condition when you moved in and note any damage or items in disrepair. Once the inspection is complete, we’ll prepare your final statement.


6. Issue your Security Deposit Refund


Assuming you’ve left the home in good condition and followed the policies and procedures below, your security deposit refund will be mailed to you. Your account will be reconciled to include any credits, adjustments or charges and the security deposit refund or charge statement will be sent within 30 days of your move-out date or sooner, depending on the laws of your state. If you have any questions regarding your security deposit refund, please contact our Account Services department at 844.848.8485.

Preparing to Move out of the Home


Moving can be stressful and expensive! We want to reduce the stress and help you prepare your home for move-out. Returning the home to its pre-move in condition prevents deductions from your security deposit. If cleaning and repairs are needed or damages have occurred during your residency, Progress Residential® only charges you for our cost to return the home to its pre-move in condition. The following instructions will help you avoid charges and maximize your refund. 



Please be sure the entire home interior, including carpets, are professionally cleaned. If your home interior and carpets aren’t professionally cleaned, we’ll work with a vendor to clean it and those costs will be added to your account. Cleaning fees start at $450 and can be higher depending on the size of the home and amount of work required (depending on local laws).


To avoid this potential charge, please provide receipts for all cleaning services or use a Progress Preferred Vendor. Information on Progress Preferred Vendors will be sent to you.


We’ve created a highly detailed cleaning checklist to help make sure you leave the home in top condition and maximize your security deposit refund. Click here to access the Cleaning Checklist.

Interior of the Home

The following items should be cleaned:

  • All surfaces: countertops, floors, doors, and walls
  • Windows, including frames, sills, and blinds
  • Ceiling fans
  • Light fixtures
  • Inside cabinets and drawers

  • Appliances: inside, around, and behind
  • Bathrooms, including toilets, tubs, showers, sinks, faucets
  • Baseboards and trim
  • Replace HVAC Air Filters
  • Garage floor

Carpet Cleaning


Have the carpeting in your home professionally cleaned and leave a copy of the cleaning receipt on the kitchen counter. NOTE: Renting a machine or using a personal carpet cleaner does NOT meet our professionally cleaned requirement. If carpets are not professionally cleaned or if we need to replace the carpet due to stains, pet stains/odors, or other damage, we’ll work with a vendor to resolve those issues and those costs will be added to your account.




Walls need to be returned to their pre-move in condition. For removing dirt, smudges or fingerprints, we suggest using Zepp Wall Cleaner or Mr. Clean Magic Eraser products. We recommend filling all nail holes with DAP Fast and Final Lightweight Spackling.


Remove all Trash


All trash and unwanted personal items must be removed from the home prior to move-out. Any trash left behind, including any amounts left over after trash pickup because they exceeded the pick-up capacity by the service provider will be removed and any costs incurred will be added to your account. 

Exterior of the Home

Please be sure the following items are complete:

  • Yard, gutters, and flowerbeds must be free of debris
  • Pick up pet waste, leaves, and weeds
  • All bushes and trees under eight feet tall should be trimmed

  • Grass should be freshly mowed
  • Driveway, patio, walkways, and exterior walls should be washed.

Damages and Repainting

We understand that accidents happen and can result in unintentional damage to the home. If there’s been any damage to the home, please correct the issue to avoid pass-through charges at move-out. 

Please pay special attention to:

  • Window blinds
  • Patio blinds
  • Towel bars
  • Light bulbs
  • Door stops
  • Smoke detectors 

  • Smoke detector batteries
  • Drip pans
  • Interior of all appliances
  • Clogged drains
  • HVAC filters



For walls, sometimes cleaning isn’t enough. If you are unable to successfully clean the wall and need to paint, please consult with a professional painter to match color and sheen. Please do not touch up walls with paint. If you need to paint, please paint the entire wall, corner to corner to avoid color and sheen mismatches. If walls aren’t returned to their pre-move in condition, or if your home needs to be completely repainted, we’ll work with a vendor to restore it to pre-move in condition. If your home needs to be completely repainted, you will be charged a pro-rated amount based upon the life expectancy of the paint and the length of your occupancy.