Before You Apply


As you embark on the search for your ideal home with us, our goal is to make your journey seamless, and enjoyable. Your quest for the perfect abode should be filled with excitement and anticipation, so here’s some information to help prepare you and assist you in avoiding any pitfalls along the way.

First Come First Serve Availability


At Progress Residential, our homes are available on a "first come, first serve" basis and are not reserved until the lease has been signed by all applicants and security deposits are collected.


First things first, let’s review our qualification requirements *


Applicants must be 18 years or older

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A household net income of 2.5 times the monthly rent

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Favorable credit history with no open bankruptcies

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Rental History

No previous evictions or unpaid rent

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Background Screening

No felony convictions within 10 years

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*Qualification requirements may vary in certain jurisdictions in accordance with applicable laws

Documents You'll Need


Now that you’ve learned more about our requirements, here are some common things we may ask for as you progress along your journey.

Valid Photo ID

Verify your identity through a simple and secure process

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SSN or Card

Provide a Social Security Number or Taxpayer Identification Number

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Proof of Income

Verify your income via a simple and secure process

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Vehicle Info

Provide your vehicle make, model, and license plate number

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Payment info

Pay for your application fees via our secure online process

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Pet / Service Animal

Provide details about your pets

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Other Considerations

You’ll need to decide on a preferred move-in date, which will also be considered your lease start date.

When selecting your move-in date, it’s important to know that you’ll be required to complete a Move-in Orientation by phone or virtually before you access the home. This quick and easy orientation is only available Monday through Friday, so you’ll want to factor this in as you think through the logistics of your moving plans.

If you’re applying to lease one of our “Coming Soon” homes, your move-in date may be subject to change. Please read about applying for these homes here.

Occasionally we may require a guarantor if an applicant does not meet credit requirements.

A guarantor is financially responsible for the rent and other charges incurred but does not live at the property or have a right to occupy it. The guarantor is subject to the same guidelines as applicants. The guarantor must complete a separate Lease Application and pay a Lease Application Fee and will be required to sign a guaranty.

If the guarantor resides in AZ, CA, ID, LA, NM, NV, TX, WA or WI and is married, his/her spouse will also be required to sign the guaranty but will not be subject to the Lease Application or Lease Application Fee.

A guarantor will not help to overcome criminal, civil court, or rental judgments.

Many of our homes are in master-planned communities that are governed by HOAs.

You will be responsible for paying any HOA fees related to application and registration.

HOAs typically provide residents with benefits and amenities in exchange for residents following rules and restrictions that help maintain quality standards throughout the community. These rules and restrictions are laid out in detail in the HOA’s Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs).

Some HOA’s have their own resident and lease approval process, which will occur in addition to our review and approval process. It’s important to note, this may take up to 30 additional days to process, depending on the HOA, so please plan accordingly.

Please read the notices below if you are considering living in Colorado, one of the Florida or Maryland counties listed below, or the cities of St. Petersburg or Tampa.




1. The Prospective Tenant has the right to provide the landlord a portable tenant screening report, as defined in Section 38-12-902(2.5), Colorado Revised Statutes; and


2. If the Prospective Tenant provides the landlord with a portable tenant screening report, the landlord is prohibited from: 


(i) Charging the Prospective Tenant a rental application fee; Or


(ii) Charging the Prospective Tenant a fee for the landlord to access or use the  portable tenant screening report


There are a few fees that will need to be paid at the time of your application. Please be prepared to pay:

$50 Application Fee/per applicant
There is a non-refundable $50 application fee for each person over 18. This fee covers the cost of background checks, time spent reviewing the application, and other expenses involved with the application process.

Convenience Fee
A 2.95% convenience fee will be charged on all credit card payments

$250 Holding Fee (if applicable)

Some of our homes may be subject to a refundable holding fee. This holding fee reserves the home temporarily while we review your application and if approved can then be applied toward your future move-in costs.

The holding fee is non-refundable, except when the application is denied.

$100 Application Change Fee (if applicable)
This fee only applies if you make changes to your application after it has been submitted. Please be sure the information you list in the application is complete and accurate.

$40 Insufficient Funds Fee (if applicable)
This fee only applies if the banking institution for your method of payment reports that there are insufficient funds available. If this happens, your application may be cancelled, or you may be asked to pay with guaranteed funds within 24 hours and be subject to a $40 Insufficient Funds (NSF) Fee.

There are other common fees encountered when renting a home that can impact your budget planning.


Lease Admin Fee: We charge a one-time fee of $125 to cover preparations for new residents before the move-in, including quality-control inspections, addressing inquiries, and arranging supporting documents.


Security Deposits: We generally require a security deposit of 1.5 to 2 times the monthly rent. Amounts are dependent on a number of factors including credit history and verifiable income.


Utilities: We use a utility management company to bundle water, sewer, trash and gas charges into one convenient monthly bill.  There is a $25 one-time setup fee and a recurring monthly charge ranging from $.75 to $11.99 depending on the property. Where applicable, there’s a $39.60 per month septic maintenance fee.


Renter’s Insurance: To protect you and the home, we require our residents to have renter’s insurance. If you do not provide proof of insurance coverage, you will be charged a monthly penalty of $14.95 per month. This fee does not provide you with insurance coverage. 


HOA Non-Compliance: If the HOA notifies us of a violation of their Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs), a $45 fee will be charged in addition to any fines from the HOA.


Pet Fees: We have some of the friendliest pet policies around, but there are some associated fees and restrictions to familiarize yourself with on our Pet Policy page


Home Features & Services: Many of our homes are outfitted with features and services to provide convenience and hassle free living that carry fees in addition to your base rent (where applicable):


  • Progress Smart Home – Some homes feature smart device technology such as thermostats, locks, and motion sensor, all controllable via a mobile app. ($19.99 to $30.00/month)
  • Pool Maintenance - We use service providers to maintain the quality of pools on the properties ($175/mo)
  • Landscaping - Some of our homes include landscaping services ($8-$95 depending on service level)
  • Progress Solar Home – Some homes have rooftop solar panels, utilizing natural energy, which may lower your monthly electric bill. A fixed monthly fee, based on the system's size, applies ($69.99 to $119.99/month).

Ready to Apply?

Our application process is fast and easy. Please ensure you provide accurate and complete information so that we can act quickly to get you into the best property to match your needs. Let's get started!

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