Living in an HOA Community

Homeowners Associations (HOAs) do great things, like provide amenities, maintain common areas, and make sure the neighborhood looks its best. As a resident of an HOA, you get the benefits, but also have responsibilities. Here’s everything you need to know about making the most of your time in your community.

Take Advantage of HOA Benefits

Take some time to understand and utilize all the HOA benefits and amenities available to you, after all, you’re a part of the community.


Understand Community Guidelines 

Be sure to review the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) for your HOA. CC&Rs give specific information about the rules of the community. By understanding and following the CC&Rs, you'll avoid violations and fines. 


If You Receive a Notification

Typically, if there is a violation of HOA rules, HOAs will send a notification by mail or post it at your home. The notification may include:


  • The nature of the violation
  • When the violation occurred
  • A deadline/date for correcting the issue

If you receive a notification, and it is determined that the violation is due to action or inaction on the part of someone in your home, an HOA Non-Compliance fee of $45 will be added to your Progress Residential® account, payable with the following month’s rent. 



In addition to the HOA Non-Compliance Fee, your HOA may impose a fine.  The fine will typically range from $25 to $250 and will vary by community and the type of violation. Fines may be a one-time charge or may accrue on a recurring basis.  Fines can be issued daily for the same violation and can increase with each additional violation. That means that a simple fine can quickly end up costing hundreds of dollars.  


Quickly correcting the violation and paying the fine will help ensure the fine stays as low as possible. This will also avoid an HOA from taking legal action to enforce compliance and payment, which will result in additional costs including Progress Residential’s attorneys fees to defend and resolve the issue.

    Common HOA Violations

    Here are some of the most common reasons people receive HOA fines and what you can do to avoid them.



    Mow and edge the grass regularly and keep it free from weeds. Fertilize seasonally so the grass looks its best year-round. Keep the lawn watered and free from debris, leaves, and clutter.



    Keep all plants, from ground level to 8ft height, trimmed. Let us know right away if taller trees need trimming, so we can take care of that for you. Remove debris and keep the landscaped areas free from weeds. If you have an irrigation system, make sure it works properly so your yard receives enough water and meets the landscaping requirements of the HOA. Be sure to test the system weekly, adjust sprinkler heads as needed to ensure proper coverage and to minimize overspray, and replace any broken sprinkler heads.



    Park only in the garage or driveway. If you have guests staying with you, request temporary street parking from your HOA.



    Most HOAs require written authorization before any improvements can be made to the property. If you want to make changes that involve paint, landscaping, or adding/removing anything that will be permanent or semi-permanent, please let us know.


    Driveway Appearance

    Keep your driveway free from car fluid stains such as oil, transmission, coolant, and others. Avoid leaving your garage door open for long periods of time.


    Trash Bins

    Place trash bins out on trash collection day and move them out of sight after they’ve been emptied.


    Recreational Equipment

    In general, any recreational equipment must be stored out of sight. The most common examples are: basketball goals, trampolines, and above-ground swimming pools.

      Accessing HOA Amenities

      Now more than ever, we’re all looking for ways to enjoy our homes and communities. One of the best things about living in a Progress Residential® home is that many of our communities have Homeowners Associations (HOAs) that offer amazing amenities.


      If you live in one of these HOA communities and haven’t yet gained access to the amenities, we’re here to help guide you through the process.


      Step 1 – Obtain the pre-authorization letters

      You should’ve received two letters during your move-in process. If you didn’t, or you need them resent to you, please email and our team can send the forms to you. Simply send both forms to your HOA to confirm that you’re our resident and you are authorized to use the community amenities and they should give you access.


      Step 2 – Contact your HOA and Pay the Fee

      Some communities require a fee to use the amenities, which you’ll pay to the HOA directly. If the amount is above $50, please send your receipt to us at and we will credit your ledger for the amount over $50.


      Step 3 – Start Using the Amenities

      Once you receive an amenity pass or keycard from your HOA, you’re free to start using the wonderful features in your community, barring of course any usage restrictions currently in place.

      Common Questions about HOA Amenities

      Here are some common questions about HOA amenities:


      Once I pay the fee and gain access, is the amenity pass for one resident, or everyone living in the home?

      This varies by HOA. Once you receive the pre-authorization letter from Progress Residential®, you can contact your HOA directly and they can give you the specifics for your community.


      Will I need to renew my amenity pass every year, or is the amenity pass valid for as long as I live in this HOA community?

      This varies by HOA. When you're given access the HOA should review the details with you.


      Can I start the process to gain access to HOA amenities at any time? 

      Yes, you are eligible to receive an amenity pass as soon as you move into the home and we’ve registered you with the HOA. Please note that some HOAs only release access when the amenities are open so you may need to wait for the appropriate season.


      If you have any other questions about accessing HOA amenities, please contact us at