Maintaining your rental home’s septic system

Septic systems are a natural water treatment system that eliminate waste and naturally replenish water tables. The septic system is your home’s sewer system. For septic systems to work well, they must be properly maintained.

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Maintaining the Septic System

To help keep your septic system operating well and help prevent future issues, be sure to…

  • Wash loads of laundry over several days instead of doing laundry all on the same day. Excessive amounts of soap can negatively impact the good bacteria in the septic tank.
  • Use toilet paper specifically labeled for use with septic tanks or septic systems.
  • Keep paper and cotton-based materials out of the septic system.
  • Do not flush disposable diapers, sanitary napkins, tampons, band-aids or bandages, rags, cloths, paper towels, “flushable” wipes, tissues, toilet paper not designed for use with septic systems, or any other paper products that do not dissolve quickly in water.
  • Keep hair and coffee grounds out of drains and toilets.
  • Avoid using antibacterial soaps. The system relies on natural bacteria to operate. Antibacterial soap kills the natural bacteria required by the septic system which can cause issues.

Thank you for helping us maintain the septic system. If you experience issues with the septic system or any other maintenance issues, please place a service request online here

Routine Maintenance Appointments

When it’s time for us to perform routine maintenance on your rental home’s septic system, Progress usually relies on professional, licensed, and insured septic tank service providers.

Generally, we try to schedule this service while the home is unoccupied, but, if this service needs to be performed while you’re living in the home, we will share your name and phone number with a verified and trusted service provider so they can contact you directly to arrange an appointment at a date and time.

During a routine, preventative maintenance service appointment, the technician will need access to your home to inspect all elements of the septic system. An adult resident will need to be home during the appointment. 

Once the septic system service is complete, you may notice some lingering odors. Those are completely normal and should dissipate within the next 24 hours.

Septic System Maintenance Fee

Septic systems are considered a utility since they provide sewage and wastewater disposal. The monthly utility fee for septic systems in a Progress Residential home is $39.60. This fee will be included in your monthly statement with Progress. This rate is comparable to the cost of a monthly sewer utility fee you’d otherwise have through local municipalities. The Septic System fee helps cover some of the cost of maintaining and servicing the septic system. As part of the fee, Progress will provide a periodic septic system inspection and maintenance to keep your system running smoothly and reliably for you.

If your home is on a septic system and you receive sewage utility fees on your monthly statement, please contact us and let us know.

Issues with the septic system?

If you experience issues with the home’s septic system, please place a service request here