PRMS is Progress Residential’s third-party property management service for investors with mid-to-large single-family rental home portfolios and Build to Rent communities.


Build To Rent communities (BTR, also known as Built For Rent (BFR) or Dedicated Rental Communities (DRC)) are one of the fastest growing segments in SFR industry. With more and more single-family home BTR communities being developed, investors need property management solutions that can handle the unique needs of those communities.

PRMS is uniquely qualified to create significant value for investors by providing the people, services, and technology needed to fully manage BTR communities comprised of dozens to hundreds of homes. We accomplish that, in part, by generating as much revenue as possible while keeping your portfolio as full as possible through our Pricing Management capabilities and our Marketing platform.

Pricing Management
Our proprietary pricing system and methodology mean that we can generate the ideal revenue for your portfolio and allow us to balance rental rates with absorption.

Marketing Platform
PRMS leverages Progress Residential's powerful and effective marketing platform and practices to fill your homes as quickly as possible, which means less vacancy and more revenue.


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