In the Event of a Hurricane or other Severe Weather

Here’s what you need to know...

Hurricane season is underway, and we believe it’s important to prepare for the worst.

The safety of our residents and our team members is our top priority. Please make sure you’re ready and know what to do if a hurricane watch and warning are issued. We recommend reviewing’s information on hurricane preparedness. During a storm, NOAA’s National Hurricane Center can provide you with up to the minute forecasts, information, and more.


If a Hurricane Watch is issued, please begin preparing for a hurricane. While our team members will not be able to help you physically prepare, our local offices will remain open and available to answer any questions. We will email you a notice if a watch is issued. Please see below for some FAQs about preparing your home for severe weather.


If a Hurricane Warning is issued, please follow instructions issued by authorities and stay safe. We will email you a notice when we learn about a warning and temporarily close the local office for the safety of our team. We won’t be able to assist you until after the storm passes and officials deem it safe for our team to resume operations. This means that any service requests, move-ins, move-outs, home tours, or self-showings will be postponed until its safe.

If you need emergency and evacuation assistance, there may be resources from your local county office or local charities. We’ll contact you by email and text for a safety check.

If you’re ordered to evacuate, please notify us when you’ve reached safety by calling your local office number and following the prompts.


After the storm has passed, we’ll reach out to you by email from and ask about any storm related damage. We’ll use your response to that email to create work orders and handle repairs. You’ll receive more details on that in the event of a hurricane. If you require disaster assistance due to the impact of the storm, please visit or call 1.800.621.FEMA (3362).


  • In case of a hurricane or other severe weather, can Progress Residential® help me prepare my home or provide any preparation materials such as boards, storm shutters, sand bags, water, etc.?

    We encourage you to take the steps necessary to keep you and your family safe. We will not have the ability to provide materials or assistance in preparing your home. We will be available to answer any questions at 833.PRO.WTHR (833.776.9847). If you need additional assistance, please reach out to local relief organizations.

  • Should I hang storm shutters or board my windows?

    Again, please take the steps necessary to keep you and your family safe. If you do not feel safe in your home, we encourage you to move to a shelter. If your home has shutters, please use your discretion as to whether to install them. Because we didn’t purchase the shutters, we can’t be certain of their effectiveness. Boarding windows will be at your own discretion and cost. Additionally, if you put the shutters up or board your windows, you are responsible for taking them down and you may be responsible for correcting any damage the installation caused to the home.

  • If I don’t board up my windows and doors, will I be liable for any damage to my home?

    You will not be liable for storm damage to your home if you do not board your windows or install shutters.

  • Am I responsible for storm related property damage?

    No, you are not responsible for damage to the home caused by the storm. However, you are responsible for your personal property. If you have personal property damage, we encourage you to contact your renters insurance provider and apply for disaster relief assistance at or call 1-800-621-FEMA.

    After the storm passes, we will repair homes damaged by the storm as quickly as possible.

  • Will you be completing service requests prior to the storm?

    The health and safety of our team members and residents is our top concern. If severe weather conditions make it unsafe for our team to operate, we will pause operations, and complete service requests as soon as it’s safe. Our priority following a severe weather event will be to ensure every impacted home is in livable condition. Outstanding service requests may be delayed until that is achieved.

For any weather-related questions or issues please contact us at 833.PRO.WTHR (833.776.9847).